Quickie From the Road Update

I’m traveling with my family this weekend so just a quick update. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! You’ve certainly given me plenty to be thankful for. The Kickstarter is fully ready to launch! I am so excited to debut the excellent video Liquid Squid helped me make. The only thing I’m waiting […]

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Tuesday Update II: Tuesdayier

Bad news, good news today, folks. Bad news: I got the draft design to the t-shirt printer and they said they can’t do it. SADDEST FACE. They said the design is too detailed for the all-over design I want, and their printing process would turn the faces into blobs. That just seems rude, tbh. Good news: […]

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Another Monday Update

Hard to believe we’re on Day 12 of going from idea to reality! And we’re closer than ever. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and patience as we move forward; I am dealing with a LOT of moving parts. Here are today’s highlights: We have a close-to-final Short List of about 50 women who […]

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Thursday Update

Thanks to some amazing volunteer help, we’ve sourced a portrait for almost every woman on the Short List, with solid leads on the few (<10%) that we’re missing. This has truly been a worldwide team effort, and I couldn’t be moving this forward as fast as I am without the incredible outpouring of support and hard […]

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Wednesday Update

Just a quick update today; lots of irons in the fire, not all of them heated yet. I’ve begun to narrow down names to a Short List that will be included in the final design. Ranking is being determined primarily by notability, popularity, and diversity (including field, ethnicity, nationality, LGBT, disability, etc.), and secondarily by the availability of […]

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Tuesday Update

Enjoying my incredibly creative post titles? Here are today’s highlights: I have been in touch with a potential vendor for the t-shirt, and they are really excited. They are fairly sure they can execute on the design as conceived (think something like this, but with bad-ass women instead of llamas), but they need a draft of the […]

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