Monday Update

Things are really moving now. Thanks to the story being picked up in some great media outlets, including io9, this project is gaining steam instead of fading into the obsolescence of a 4-day-old meme. Here’s a quick rundown of where we are:

  • I’m currently sourcing non-profit organizations to be the beneficiary of the funds. The top choice right now is the Association for Women in Science (AWIS), simply due to their size, profile, and reach. Their mission matches exactly with what we’re trying to do here. I am still waiting to hear back from them, and I have a few other orgs in my back pocket if this doesn’t go through.
  • Names are still flying in! I’m adding to the list every day with notable women in STEM fields. I am not able to add every name I receive, as we have a certain standard of “notability” we need to adhere to due to space restrictions. (It might be different if we were doing shower curtains!) But resources permitting, it would be great to profile ALL the names I’ve received in a single space somewhere. In the meantime, you can still keep sending names until about Friday. If you’ve @’ed me on Twitter and not received a reply, please email I’m having trouble keeping up with all the notifications!
  • Design work has begun. We’ve gotten enough photos and names to get started on design prototypes for the shirts. There is a lot of work to be done to make this a really attractive design, but I am starting to get the glimmers of just how cool this will be.
  • I’m sourcing new ways of handling funding, orders, and delivery. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are still on the table. And now I’ve been approached by a company that can handle everything from prototyping to funding to production and order fulfillment, while still guaranteeing the non-profit of our choice will get 10% of sales from funding/presale orders. Since I’m just one person with some very enthusiastic volunteer support, that seems like a win-win-win, but let me know what you guys think!

9 thoughts on “Monday Update

    1. Thanks for your interest, Josh! I don’t have a mailing list set up, so the best I can recommend is to follow the blog and/or follow me on Twitter @SMLXist for updates. We’re looking to launch within a week and will likely have a 30-day funding period.


  1. “And now I’ve been approached by a company that can handle everything from prototyping to funding to production and order fulfillment, while still guaranteeing the non-profit of our choice will get 10% of sales from funding/presale orders.”

    So the organization will only be receiving 10%?? That seems very low. I am very interested in giving to this (Kickstarter or how ever it’s done) however 10% of the funds seems very low. Are production costs really that high?


    1. Lux, I think it is low too, and I don’t like that it ends after pre-ordering. I am going to try to talk to the company and see what flexibility they have. I know it’s not ideal, but I also can’t fathom filling thousands of orders from my home. I am entirely open to creative solutions that also support our goals.

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  2. Having gone WAY INTO THE RED after a successful kickstarted campaign, I’d go with guaranteeing 10% to your non-profit of choice. The time you’d spend on fulfillment alone will be a huge cost savings to you.


  3. Just a reminder to folks that a) this is a huge undertaking (I have seen other campaigns really struggle with fulfillment, etc) and b) this isn’t a fundraiser being done by a particular non-profit…(from my perspective) it’s more a way to generate awareness and interest (via the questions, etc that will likely be generated as we wear the awesomeness of these women on our backs) in the role of women in STEM, as well as a peaceful protest against some of the current attitudes we STEM women run across. So, *any* money generated for a non-profit is a bonus, in my book. Better to have a successful campaign that generates 10% and leaves everyone with a positive, than a struggling campaign that puts way too much on one person’s shoulder. Only caveat would be- check the company’s references very, very well before signing anything!

    And I’ll throw in one other (totally unsolicited) idea- if you have a favorite non-profit that you want to give to, and if they are big enough/organized enough, maybe you could actually partner with *them* and offer to do the design work, if they would take care of the other side of things, which would allow them to keep more profit if they (and their volunteers) put the work in to do fulfillment, etc.

    However you decide to do it- thank you for all the time and effort you are putting into this!

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    1. Thanks for this great feedback, Emily. Your idea about partnering with a non-profit in the manner you describe is EXACTLY what I am pursuing at this time. I believe that to be the ideal outcome for this. Just waiting to hear back at this point.


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