Tuesday Update

Enjoying my incredibly creative post titles?

Here are today’s highlights:

  • I have been in touch with a potential vendor for the t-shirt, and they are really excited. They are fairly sure they can execute on the design as conceived (think something like this, but with bad-ass women instead of llamas), but they need a draft of the final design before giving a firm greenlight. This will cause a little delay, since the design can’t be rushed. However, the rough quote was eminently reasonable, and if we get at least 200 orders, we can keep the price to about $20 per shirt with a substantial portion going to charity.
    • NOTE: We’ve not yet made a final decision on whether to do crowdfunding and work with a printer, or to partner with a full-service funding/development/fulfillment business. Each has pros and cons, which we are weighing carefully. As always, your feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  • What I need most right now is help with pictures for all women who are “red” or “yellow” in the list. They must be Creative Commons, Public Domain, or come with permission for use from the copyright holder, and the higher resolution the better. Again, we can’t use every woman on the list, but the more photos we have, the more choice we have. Thank you so much to those of you who have already reached out to help–I’ll be in touch!
  • We have reached 100 amazing women on our nomination list! I received so many great suggestions and unfortunately wasn’t able to use all of them, but we have an amazing diversity from which to choose. We have women from diverse fields, races, time periods, experience with disabilities, and more. Interestingly, we have 30 women just in space science alone, including Aeronautics, Astrophysics, and Astronomy. There is the possibility of doing one “general interest” shirt and a second “space-focused” shirt. What do you guys think? Is there enough interest to do both types?
  • I am still sourcing a non-profit with which to partner. A representative from the amazing National Girls Collaborative Project reached out to me, and I am currently pursuing that path. They are a nationwide organization whose mission fits perfectly with our goals for this project. I’ll update you when there’s more information.
  • We are currently developing the details of the crowdfunding campaign, including a budget, rewards, and a video, which is scripted and ready to shoot with the help of Jes Goodyear of Hartlove-Goodyear. I know this is the part everyone is most excited about, and we’re working to make it happen as soon as possible!

To summarize here’s the current flow of activities:

shirt flow


Questions? Suggestions? Put ’em below!


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