Another Monday Update

Hard to believe we’re on Day 12 of going from idea to reality! And we’re closer than ever. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm and patience as we move forward; I am dealing with a LOT of moving parts. Here are today’s highlights:

  • We have a close-to-final Short List of about 50 women who will appear in the final shirt design. I’m currently triple-checking that I have all the legal rights to use the images I’ve gathered. This may cause the list to change¬†some. In the course of seeking requisite permissions, I’ve had enthusiastic approvals from some, but unfortunately we’ve also had declines. If and when names drop off, we have plenty of names from the Long List to move up.
  • We have a really awesome draft mock-up of the shirts, which will be debuted when the Kickstarter launches. There are still many refinements that have to happen before we can lock it as “final.” But it’s very close. AND IT’S VERY COOL.
  • Relatedly, the draft design has gone to the t-shirt printer to get a firm quote. I’m sure they’ll have some feedback which may change the design. I’ll refine the design based on relevant feedback they provide.
  • I am still in talks with a non-profit partner to work out logistical details before we start the funding campaign. I’m hoping to have solid news on that before the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • With the help of Jes and Josh Goodyear from Liquid Squid Productions, we shot the Kickstarter video yesterday and completed a rough cut. It really looks amazing and professional. That’s a HUGE milestone and I’m so glad to have it crossed off the list. I’m working with Jes tonight to get to a final cut.
  • I’ll be working with my team over the next few days to put together the entire Kickstarter project. Our goal is to launch the project on December 2, Giving Tuesday. But there are a lot of moving parts at this point–video editing, budgeting, rewards selection, non-profit partnership, etc.–so please be patient if that date needs to slip.

As always, I’ll provide you as much information as possible all along the way! You all are amazing members of my team, and your continued feedback is welcome.


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