Tuesday Update II: Tuesdayier

Bad news, good news today, folks.

Bad news: I got the draft design to the t-shirt printer and they said they can’t do it. SADDEST FACE. They said the design is too detailed for the all-over design I want, and their printing process would turn the faces into blobs. That just seems rude, tbh.

Good news: They told me, however, that it CAN be done–just not by them. They clued me in that I needed to find a “dye sublimation” printer. I was able to find a great printer in minutes! They’re reviewing the design and putting a quote together for me now.

Bad news: The shirts will be a teeny bit more expensive than projected. (Price point will be around $30-$35/shirt versus the $20 estimate I had tossed out.)

Good news: The quality is going to be absolutely astounding. You’re gonna turn heads with science, people. Just do a Google Image Search for “sublimation t-shirt” and you’ll get an idea of the detail we can get with the dye sublimation process. So cool. I LOVE LEARNING.

More good news: We’re continuing to put together the Kickstarter and are currently still on schedule!

Even more good news: The Queen of Carbon Millie Dresselhaus, who’s on the Short List for the shirt design, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday and appeared on All Things Considered. 84 years old and still teaching at MIT! What an amazing lady, and I know about her because of this project. DID I ALREADY SAY I LOVE LEARNING??


One thought on “Tuesday Update II: Tuesdayier

  1. A wish of mine I find, stumbling on this – would be that a majority of the Rosetta mission team learn of and support this project, and moreover offer to model the shirts for your Kickstarter. May it be a phenomenal success!


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