Just… WOW

It has been 24 hours since funding started and we are already at 144% of our original goal. This has completely knocked me on my butt, you guys.

To reiterate the biggest update, we are now able to offer youth sized t-shirts! You can see the measurements for all t-shirts sizes here. I am waiting to hear back about whether we can do extended sizing: XS, and 2X and above.

You will be asked to choose your size via an email survey after the funding period ends. 

Now that we’ve so far exceeded our goal, I will be starting to look at the possibility of “stretch goals,” since so many people have asked.

But my main focus over the next weeks will be ensuring we are 100% ready to proceed with printing as SOON as the funding period closes. So I am finalizing all usage rights for the photos, finalizing the design, and ordering a prototype from the printer. I’ll also be doing additional press to get this project in front of as many eyes as possible.

We have some retailers lined up to carry the T-shirt after this campaign ends, which is really cool! I’ll provide details as soon as those agreements are firmed up.

I do not believe we’ll be continuing production of the Hawaiian-style shirt, so consider this a Limited Edition and get it while you can!

That’s all for now. Thank you again for all your support, everyone, and keep sharing!


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