Fire in the Heart and a Lump in the Throat

I wanted to share part of a message I just received with you all (with permission from the author, who wished to remain anonymous), because you’re as much a part of this as I am.

“I’m so proud I know such an influential lady. It makes my heart sing seeing your powerful movement flying around cyberspace and watching the snowball momentum is motivating in unbelievable ways.

“I have been several credits shy of a nuclear engineering technology degree for years. I could make many excuses for why I never finished it, most of them are weak but the main one was I was tired of working all day in a male dominated workplace, then being the only girl in every single engineering class at night and not only having to prove myself as an academic but also that extra hurdle that no one takes me seriously because I am a woman…soul crushing.

“Whining aside, I re-enrolled this week. I have all the credits I need numerically, I just need residency. So hopefully one day I can say I graduated because your shirt project gave me a cyber kick in the a*s.

“…So, thanks, and I hope you inspire many more success stories and you have more power than you know. We watch from the shadows of our own doubts Elly, thank you for being our guiding light.”

This is why I’m doing it. This. This. This.


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