Wednesday Update

Just a quick update today; lots of irons in the fire, not all of them heated yet.

  • I’ve begun to narrow down names to a Short List that will be included in the final design. Ranking is being determined primarily by notability, popularity, and diversity (including field, ethnicity, nationality, LGBT, disability, etc.), and secondarily by the availability of a usable portrait. Right now the Short List is 50 names, but I won’t know the Final List until the design is complete and I have better understanding of how many faces it can accommodate. I hope to have a draft design done by tomorrow night!
  • Even though we can’t use every name, the Long List will still be an incredible resource and we are brainstorming ways to make it useful. Ideas welcome!
  • And in that vein, here are the names from the tentative Short List that currently require a portrait (or a better portrait than I have). HALP. I have some leads in my email from some amazing archivists and professors, but if you know of anything readily available, I could use the shortcut.
    • Chiaki Mukai
    • Chien-Shiung Wu
    • Dorothy Hodgkin
    • Katsuko Saruhashi
    • Liu Yang
    • Maria Goeppert-Mayer
    • Sophie Wilson
    • Alice Ball
    • Barbara McClintock
    • Millie Dresselhaus
    • Roger Arliner Young
    • Joan Roughgarden
    • Lise Meitner
    • Melba Roy Mouton
    • Elizebeth Friedman
  • If you haven’t, please vote in the Style Poll. I’m assessing the proportions of shirts that will have to be ordered so I can budget.



6 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. Oh, and importance-wise, you definitely need Lise Meitner IMHO. If there’s no good enough image available, maybe someone can draw a likeness using a low-res image as a starting point?


  2. Another woman worth remembering is Bertha von Suttner. But peace research is a social science, and I guess that this shirt is more about the “hard” sciences?


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